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Clay East Supply
Clay East Supply

Clay East Supply is a family owned and operated supply yard for homeowners, landscapers, builders, masons, concrete finishers and plasterers. We have been supplying the niche needs of the Riverbend area since the 1950's, when coal was shipped to our yard on railroad cars for sale to local homeowners.

For your landscaping needs we offer various hardwood mulch, decorative rock, flag stone, natural stone, cobbles, pavers, boulders and retaining wall systems.

For the mason we offer all the supplies and tools you need for a professional job, as well as wall stone, fire brick, cultured veneer, mortar color, lathe, lintels and two grades of mason's screened sand.

Builders frequent our yard for sewer & drain pipe and fittings. We stock three grades of material, as well as black flex pipe for gutter drainage applications, reinforcing rod, window wells for basement foundations, several concrete blocks, and sonotubes.

Clay East Supply 5331 Godfrey Road  Godfrey, IL 62035
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